Saturday, March 22, 2008

December Sketchbook

I was asked to create a sketchbook of sorts for one of the main characters in Tanner Hall. The character "L" is the artsy one in the group. She's described as constantly carrying a sketchbook and is seen in the movie drawing girly art. (mainly a lot of naked woman) The directors wanted someone to make a sketchbook and some comic's for certain shots in the movie. I was more than happy to create an entire fake sketchbook.
At first we were going to age a new sketchbook but then Yon, one of the props guys found me an old scrapbook. We decided that to be true to "L" the work should really be a combination of sketches and collages worked into this found scrapbook. Whoever made the scrapbook clipped some really great ads and illustrations.
Unfortunately this meant that pages were also ex
tremely delicate and brittle.. eekss. I ended up making about 30+ pages of collages and drawings. It was really fun to make art pretending to be someone else. I scanned the whole thing at the end since I wasn't able to keep it. Here's some of my favorite pages:

This was the first pages in the book. The original owner had already written Alice on the page and drawn into the black and white illustration. I really just wanted to continue adding to what they had.

We were working in an abandoned middle school and there were plenty of old National Geograhic's and bleached construction paper.

In the begininng I was just trying to fill up as many pages as possible so collaging was the quickest way to do that.

Here's some sketching I did of real foxes in prep for my lady fox.

I found some of these images in the scrapbook. They must be from an old National Geographic. I'm really just trying to get all the mediums I'm using to work together.

Sketches of my fox girl. This is a character I had in some other work I've done. The directors liked her and wanted me to use a similar character for a comic strip that one of the characters is drawing.

I managed to use lots of fabric scraps I had laying around.