Wednesday, April 18, 2012

ch-ch-ch- changes

Spring is always a good time for changes and rebirth:  The new website is up!   Please follow me there on my new blog!  I'll have a few more of these posts up at Emu Attacks.  I'm also onto the 3rd round of The Printed Bolt's REPEAT competition!  Now there are only 6 of us left.  Thanks again to my supportive family and friends for getting the word out and cheering me on.  It means a lot!
  Signs of spring are emerging all over the neighborhood.  Outside our bedroom window is this beautiful tree.  When it blooms in the spring it makes me feel like we are living in a tree fort.
Every year I forget to photograph it we've been living in this apartment for almost 4 years now...Today I finally remembered to!
After spending a weekend in DC with my family it was nice to get back and see the tree in full bloom.  Providence is not the most international or coolest city but it feels like home.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Industrial Revolution-REPEAT Round 2

Thanks again so much to everyone for voting for me in the first round!  I really appreciate all of the support.  The second round of patterns are up!  This month the theme was the Industrial Revolution.  Which seemed tricky initially...  As usual I went through the 5 stages of creative development:
1) Panic- What the hell am I going to do?
2) Excitement- Start doodling things, this is so much fun!
3) Frustration- I hate how this is looking... It's horrible!
4) Determination- I'm going to figure out why I don't like it and make it better!
5) Acceptance- I tried to push myself creatively, fix things that were bad and now its out of my hands.
I blogged more about my process and ideas at the REPEAT blog!  Go check out all of the entries and make sure to vote by Sunday the 15th!  Hurrah! the patterns from last round are up for sale on Spoonflower!  Also, the blog is moving so update your feed, bookmark whatever to my new blog and website!