Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Oh Hell! It's Halloween! One of my favorite holidays... I've been painting,gluing, sequining and feathering these masks for the movie I'm working on. In the movie there is a mardi grasesque party and we needed lots of cool masks for people at the party to wear. I could have bought those cheap premade in China ones but... it was more fun to make these and cost effective. So I made 30 of em'.

These are my greenish-yellowish ones

Blue/yellow designs

More blueish masks

Here's Robin and I modeling some of my favorite masks... in what I shall call a mask montage!

Here's some of my masks all together like one happy family!

Here's some of the orignal sketches. I decided to just go with the half masks cause they were way cheaper to buy.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


These are all based off of I character I created in my printmaking class senior year. I find myself going back to a lot of the same subject matter... animals, naked women, forests. I want to keep working with a lot of the same imagery but find clearer and more complete ways of expressing my ideas. I'm also trying to incorporate lots of pattern and texture since those are some of my favorite things. These are all just experiments in my sketchbook but I'm happy with where they are going.

Here I was using some reference shots to figure out some cool poses/angles. Also trying to figure out the logistics of how this costume would fit and move. The vellum is great for building up layers or trying something without changing the drawing.

These are also a few months old... but I'm still pretty happy with them! I love foxes not only because they are redheads but because they can be creepy and graceful at the same time!

More little collages and sketches from my sketchbook in preparation for my Graphic Novel. I've been experimenting with vellum, cut paper and lots of pen work.
My work is typically without a lot of spacial depth in it so I'm trying to improve that.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I like the moon because It's full of cheese!

I was inspired by a book I found about the future in space. It was published in the late 1950's so we had not yet landed on the moon, but it was very optimistic. Too bad that didn't work out. But look at the googles this guy is wearing, man is he ready to grow large vegetables on the moon!
Hmmm I still think space suits look cool.

These are a few of the collages I worked on over the summer and have yet to put up. I guess you could say I was inspired by a simpler era or perhaps the promise of a glorious future. But since I am not growing delicious vegetables on the surface of the moon I am making art about astronauts and space exploration instead. Hopefully I can channel this interest into some current artwork.