Monday, December 15, 2008

Evolution of Egnasio

This is Egnasio. If you ever come to my apartment you will see him hanging by a window. During my childhood Egnasio hung in my parent's kitchen. I was very confused by what he was supposed to be and why he vaguely resembled Bill Cosby. Years later my parents took him down, probably when they realized how tacky he is and I came to the conclusion that he doesn't really look like Bill Cosby at all.

My interest in Egnasio was repeaked after I saw this horrific story about a carp that had a person's face. I've always enjoyed hybrids, mutants and mythical beasts. With that I traded my parents a drawing they liked for Egnasio. And now he lives with me. He acted as a muse of sorts during college and inspired some similar looking characters. This is from a series of prints I did that I'm still pretty happy with. The theme was monsters so I just went with mutant women.

And this is all that is left of a 3-d piece I made for my senior show. At some point I couldn't bear to look at the rest of it anymore and I pitched it... but I still like my skeleton fish so I kept it.

Above looking at the ribs

The face is sculpted from clay but the little girl is a doll I found.

Here's a full body shot.

This is a sketch for a character I'm working on for my graphic novel. She'll have a body similar to a koi and a human face. I only have thumbnails of the first 8 pages or so of my graphic novel but once I get 12 done I'll put those up too.
Well thats it for this year! I leave tomorrow for Italy and when I get back I'm going to put all my effort into getting the first 12 pages of my graphic novel done before the comic con.( If its possible)

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