Monday, September 27, 2010


I'm a big lover of patterns. My apartment and wardrobe are filled with stripes, polka dots, florals etc... I decided I should learn how to make my own patterns. With a little help from a friend I learned how to put my pattern into repeat on the computer. (proving once again that knowing the right way to do something saves time and frustration) And so with my new skills I am going to create a fun series of patterns based on my favorite things from American and Japanese culture. But wait... there's more!
One of my favorite finds in Japan was a small tote I got in a fashion magazine, it was reversible: one side gold and shiny, the other side floral (two of my favorite things together). I got tremendous use out of the bag because of its flexibility and it inspired me to make this tote.

For the American pattern I included the snack foods I really missed while abroad: coffee, berries, pretzels, and cupcakes. I didn't include everything I missed for fear of the pattern repeat being 2'x2'. For the Japanese side I drew: sweet potatoes, oranges (mikan), persimmons (kaki), chestnuts, tea, green tea ice cream, snacks filled with red bean paste, dumplings (nikuman) and a large variety of mochi. I was so excited when my fabric arrived from Spoonflower!

Here's the pattern all cut out!

I sewed together my prototype bag and showed it off all weekend!
Here's the Japanese side:

Here's the American side:

It was really exciting to see something I drew on fabric. Some parts were a little darker than I want so I'll tweak them. Soon after though I will have these babies up on my Etsy shop for sale and the fabric will also be available on Spoonflower. If you haven't already checked out Spoonflower then I suggest you do. They have a wide variety of fabrics you can print on, the quality is great and its a lot of fun to see what other fabrics people come up with and vote in their contests! I'm working on the next set of prints which will be landscapes; one of Providence and one of the rural parts of Kyoto (where I was staying).


Traci Hui. said...

This is totally the bag you showed me at APE this past weekend! I am in love with it.

And thanks for passing me your business card, because otherwise I would have missed out on your awesome blog. CSA paintings!!!

I'm excited for your next posts. So good to meet you!

ohoohoh! also: did you happen to make a zine for APE?

Traci Hui. said...

sorry for all the !!

just a little bit excited to find your blog.

Jess said...

Thanks Traci! I was so excited to meet someone else doing awesome food art! I didnt make a zine but I'm working on a ziney thing about the fist market in Tokyo.. Can't wait to see more of your work!

Traci Hui. said...

ok great, please let me know when your fis(h? i thought you meant to say? ;) market ziney thing is available for public consumption, cos i'd love to see it.