Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cupcake continued...

As Spring is approaching I'm picking up speed. I ordered this sweet stamp from Rubber Stamps.net and I've been stamping all my paper goods like crazy!

I was able to upload an image that used my handwritten text and they shipped it very quickly.

I find stamping and labeling things extremely satisfying!

Also received a test swatch of cupcake fabric in the mail from Spoonflower!

In the past I've struggled with getting the colors to print faithfully. Often the way they appear on the screen is very different from how they turn up on fabric. This time I went through the process of creating a test strip where I tried a few different colors for each color (light brown, brown, blue, yellow and pink)to see how it would look.

Overall, I was really happy with this little experiment and I think from now on this is a really safe way to check my colors before purchasing a large amount of fabric.

Robin started printing me some stickers at work. : ) I can't wait to have these up in the store too!


happypix said...

Beautiful! i heart cupcakes.

kathrynclark said...

These are looking wonderful, Jess! So impressive to see your work 'in print'!

Jess said...

Thanks guys! I'm really happy with how everything has turned out so far.

This Girl's Life said...

I love that stamp! Heading over to website now to check it out :)

Jess said...

Yeah getting a stamp just seemed like the easiest way to get everythign labeled quickly!