Friday, October 14, 2011

Elle Girl Korea

안녕 or hello to anyone reading this blog in Korea! I was so excited to be featured in the August issue of Elle girl Korea!

When I was living in Japan I would spend hours in the bookstore pouring through the fashion magazines. I loved seeing the Japanese, Italian and Korean versions of magazines such as Vogue and Elle. They would have such cute and creative editorial spreads and the magazines always came with a little gift. Usually a tiny tote, or a headband!!!

I was honored to be featured alongside some of my favorite food artists such as Claudia Pearson,

Thanks to editor Kim A Reum for including me in this issue!


kathrynclark said...

Wow, a huge congratulations to that! And the spread looks gorgeous! I suspect you'll be getting a lot orders from Korea now :-)

salli s. swindell said...

whoa!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tremendous shout out!!!!! it looks like an awesome issue...i gotta find! bravo!

Jess said...

Thanks guys! It's a really fun issue even to flip through. Photo shoots in bakeries and people with cute pastry hats!