Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Oh Hell! It's Halloween! One of my favorite holidays... I've been painting,gluing, sequining and feathering these masks for the movie I'm working on. In the movie there is a mardi grasesque party and we needed lots of cool masks for people at the party to wear. I could have bought those cheap premade in China ones but... it was more fun to make these and cost effective. So I made 30 of em'.

These are my greenish-yellowish ones

Blue/yellow designs

More blueish masks

Here's Robin and I modeling some of my favorite masks... in what I shall call a mask montage!

Here's some of my masks all together like one happy family!

Here's some of the orignal sketches. I decided to just go with the half masks cause they were way cheaper to buy.


Allie said...

These are beautiful!
I bet they will look amazing on film too.

Emu said...

Thanks! I think its obvious that I spent way too much time on them but.. oh well, it was fun!