Saturday, November 15, 2008

Movie magic

Here's some more stuff I finished up for the movie!
I had organs, wigs, dresses, and tulle everywhere. This is fantastic, until you reach the point where it takes over the rest of the house. Getting out of the shower to find a piece of lace circling the drain, hot glue in your hair or a mysterious purple feather in your purse. Don't get me wrong... I'm willing to get a little messy but all of these projects were taking over my corner in the studio and making it quite difficult to get any of my own work done. So here's some of my fake organs for a surgeon's party in the movie! Below we have a selection of hearts, kidney's and liver's. I also made some intestines out of stockings but I wasn't as happy with the results.

Here's a close up of one of my favorite organs:

Once again I am amazed at how useful masking tape and tissue paper can be to create interesting textures. This is basically a wad of newspaper crumpled up, taped into form covered with tissue paper and painted with some thin glazes. The texture of the paper/tape are good at trapping the paint in a way that makes it look like veins. This photo doesn't really do the heart justice...

I also did some sweet calligraphy... It was supposed to look messy and distressed which worked to my advantage since I'm not trained in Calligraphy. As I was working on this I remembered that the last time I remembered practicing Calligraphy was in Elementary school with our Art teacher Ms. Fry. I guess it paid off. I was able to do a few samples, scan em' and cut/paste them together in photoshop.

This is a faux antique book I made for the movie from a real live antique book. I covered it in pleather and hand painted on the lettering with gold ink. I ended up changing the color because the paint was peeling and being difficult, but you get the idea

For some reason I had a really hard time getting a good photo of the book maybe it was the metallic paint or maybe the shiny pleather, who knows?

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